Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1998. Spinner - Fairness

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 12 15:38:48 PST 2000 by Paul Brennan (
Lock Haven University, Taylor, Pa.
Materials Required: see lesson
Activity Time: 20-25 minutes
Concepts Taught: probability, spinner, fairness

Standard: 2.7.5 Pennsylvania

Objective: Determine the fairness of the design of a spinner.

Grade Level: 4

Materials Needed: a spinner from a board game-colors (equal results/ fair), chalk, blackboard,

Activity: Spinner-fairness?
Have the students come up and sit in a semi-circle. Demonstrate the spinner you brought in to the class. Get the children critically thinking about whether or not the spinner is fair. If you were on the blue team, and the spinner was the determining factor to see who lines up for lunch first , would you be alright with that. They should say yes. Would you be alright if the spinner looked like this? Draw on the board examples of spinners that wouldn't be fair(e.g. a spinner with 2 reds and one of every other color, or 2 blues, etc.).
Have them choose a topic (colors, occupations, #'s, etc..) and design a spinner that was fair and then have them choose a different topic and design one that is not fair. Have them write a few sentences under each design explaining why it is or isn't fair.

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