Grade: all
Subject: Language

#200. Smiley vocabulary review

Language, level: all
Posted by Sherry Walker (
St. Genevieve, Thibodaux, La.
Materials Required: words on cards , 4-7 cut out smiley faces
Activity Time: 20 min.
Concepts Taught: review vocabulary

This is a fun wat to practice meanings, context&
oral reading of vocabulary

1. write each word on a card.
2. cut out several smiley faces that could fit
behind the cards.
3. divide the class into two teams.
4. From their desk a student must 1. read the word
2. tell the meaning & 3 use the word in a
5. when they do all three they come to the board
and pull the word .If it has a smiley face
behind it their team gets a point.

Students love this simple but effective review