Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2001. Leaps and Bounds with Predicting

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 12 17:37:14 PST 2000 by Paul Brennan (
Lock Haven University, Taylor, Pa.
Materials Required: see lesson
Activity Time: 25 minutes
Concepts Taught: predicting

Standard: 2.7.5

Objective: (H). Predict and determine why some outcomes are certain, more likely, less likely, equally likely, or impossible.

Grade Level: 5

Materials Needed:A picture of a human and a kangaroo. 5 Posterboards with rocks drawn spread apart from each other with a distance marked underneath each posterboard. Label each posterboard with a different letter in the top right hand corner (A-E short to long). Posterboard with the following words on separate pieces: certain, more likely, less likely, equally likely, or impossible.

Activity: Leaps and Bounds With Predictions
Hold up the different vocabulary words on the posterboard pieces and ask for the definitions from the class. As you agree on a definition post the word at the front wall or board of the room. Then post the two pictures(human / kangaroo). Explain their jumping capabilities and post them underneath their appropriate picture(human-> 3 ft. - 9 ft. and kangaroo 6ft. - 12ft.).
Then post the posterboards with the rock distances in order from shortest distance to the longest distance or A through E. Have the students take out a sheet of paper and take and make predictions through a short quiz. Here are some sample questions to ask:
1. The human is _________ to make the leap in picture "A" as compared to the kangaroo making the leap in pic. "C"
2. The kangaroo is _________ to make the laep in picture "B" as compared to the kangaroo's ability to make the leap in pic. "B". , etc...
Note: Make sure the distances written on the rock posterboards are (A-E, 4ft-12ft. evenly).