Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#2004. Season's Collage

Art, level: Elementary
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Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA
Materials Required: Scissor, construction papers, glue
Activity Time: 4 weeks
Concepts Taught: Introduce young children to visual art through everyday life and collage making

Week 1:
This activity starts with a nature walk in fall season.
During one such walk, teacher talks about the natural changes (colors, forms) in different seasons.
While this field trip, children asked to pick up leaves that appeal them most.

Week 2:
After sharing and discussing students' collection from the nature walk, teacher introduces different colors and forms by showing art books.
Children compare the natural colors and reproduction art pieces.

Week 3:
Teacher introduces Eric Carle's picture book (for example: "The Grouchy Ladybug").
Since Carle creates all his books by collage making, teacher could explain how the artist creates his pictures, and ask students to share their feelings.

Week 4:
Teacher asks students to do their own collages by using their collection from natural world and construction papers.
This project could be an individual work or a teamwork, which depends on students' levels and interests.
After they finish their collages, all art works will be displayed on classroom walls.
Students can talk about their ideas about their creations.