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#201. The Psychology of Color and Sound

other, level: Middle
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Unviersity of Memphis, Memphis, TN
Materials Required: Chalk, chalkboard, Paper board or large pieces of construction paper of the colors red, yellow, oran
Activity Time: One to two hours.
Concepts Taught: Awareness of use of color and sound in film and advertising.

: Display a large paperboard or piece of construction paper of each color. One board at a time, question the students about what feelings each color evokes: whether the color makes them feel hurried or slow; happy, sad, or angry; and also what images (purity, sunshine, love, death, etc.). List these on the appropriate board. Next present the advertisements in groups. Have the students explain what these advertisers want the consumer to think about their products. Use the color boards to help the students explain the advertisers' intents. Allow students to provide their own examples. Move on to the movie clips, without introducing them by name or genre. Keep volume off while playing clips. Ask what each clip tells them about the movie, and the mood of the scene. Have students make collages which reflect their current moods, or advertise an imaginary product. (These may be turned in, or shared with the class). Play "Tone Poems" if it can be found, have students guess which color is represented. Part Two: Begin by referring to the previous lesson on the psychology of colors. Explain that sounds are used in similar ways. Play each sound clip, one at a time. Between each clip have students list (write on board) the feelings each clip evokes. After all clips have been played, have them try to group and analyze what each set of sounds have in common (what do the "creepy" sounds have in common, etc.). After this, play the movie clips again, this time with the volume on. Ask the students to identify what other information this music gives about the scene, and what they think might be happening, or about to happen in the film. Weekend homework project: Have students select a movie of their choice and explain how the sounds and colors help set the mood of the movie