Grade: all
Subject: Mathematics

#2018. Color Bingo

Mathematics, level: all
Posted Sun Nov 19 04:36:22 PST 2000 by Pat Schmidt (
The Place for Spot and the Gang
Corpus Christi School, Willingboro,NJ
Materials Required: teacher made cards, counters
Activity Time: 1 game can last 5 minutes.
Concepts Taught: reviewing math facts

To make cards I made a regular bingo card but left off the
letters BINGO at the top and did not give a free space.
Using different colors I put in math facts in each space. I may
have a purple 3+4 and a red 5+2 on the same card. Usually I make answer cards
as I go make the student cards... so I would have a purple 7 and a red 7.
I usually have kids play with a partner but they can play by themselves.

Distribute cards and counters... my rules are if you are helping each other find the
facts then you may talk... it they are already found then you are quiet waiting for the
next number to be called.

If I call a red 8.. then the students all look for the red problems that =8.. they may have
more then 1 on their card. They are to cover all that they find.
The person or group that has 5 in a row either horizonally, vertically or diagonally wins...