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Subject: Language

#2020. Linking! Linking!

Language, level: other
Posted Mon Nov 20 21:22:35 PST 2000 by Yinghsiu Liu (
Tuchang adults contnuing learning institute . , Tuchan, Taiwan
Materials Required: text book and audio tape
Activity Time: 50 mins
Concepts Taught: English pronounciation

the objectives of this lesson are:
1 students are able to identify that a sentence can be divided into thought groups
2. In the thought group, students are able to identify when should link the last sound of the word with the fist sound of next word
3. Students are able to generate sentences with linking.
Hard-copy material and audio tape.
1. a teacher have students listen to the audio to motivate students the different pronounciation betweem native-non native of English.
2. Let the students discuss what they found
3. After the discussion, the teacher guide students one of the elements of English speaking" linking".
4. Let stuents discuss why there is linking
5. Students are divided into groups and work on the project about in English discourse, when will linking take place.
6. Group presentation.
7. Peer evaluation and teacher feedback.
8 teacher conclusion
In this lesson, it will be better to encourage students to record the conversation took place around them and analyzed these conversation. When analyzing the discourse, students can naturally found rules of linking r