Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#2029. Stats for Cool Math Cats

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Fri Sep 23 08:34:29 PDT 2011 by Joyce Fisher (Joyce Fisher).
Stats for Cool Math Cats
Kidlink, Sweden
Materials Required: Computers
Activity Time: PBL 3 days
Concepts Taught: Mean, Median,Mode, graphing


You must first register to show interest in the project itself by following the registration instructions below.
Send the following information to the project moderator: Joyce Fisher at
- Teacher's name

- Teacher's email

- Number and age of students
- Skpe name is helpful
- School/State/Province/City/ Country

After project acceptance email arrives you will be required to register yourself and have your students register at Kidlink. It is important that the students answer their registration questions respectfully, thoughtfully, and sincerely in order to be granted acceptance into the project. Click on the link at the bottom of the page on; Register at Kidlink
The fixed times are just as an indication, The registration deadline is useful for pairing of schools.This will allow each paired class will be able to have time to network and syncronize their times. The coordinator will be always ready to help. via email or skype. My Skype name obxdreamn under Joyce L Fisher
All participating students and teachers must answer the four Kidlink registration questions.<--Click for supportive ideas. The link can be found below to register at kidlink Once questions are answered and approved, you and your students will receive a nick name login and password. They will use to post comments, questions, data and to chat with their partners using meaningful and respectful dialogue. Be sure you right down their assigned nick name and pass word to log on throughout the project.
Step 4
Once approved for the project teachers wll create a page including the school name ,student stat group numbers, student Kidlink nick names, country origin on their Math Cool Cats Class Page introduction/2011.
This page will promote collaboration with in small groups. When the classrooms are paired, each group will be paired with their students groups.
This is where the data will be uploaded. To create this page you must first be approved, and logged in and on this current page. From this current page scroll to the bottom click on create your Math Cool Cats Class page

you are on the Stats for Cool Math Cats project registration page

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