Grade: Middle
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#203. Making a four food group collage

, level: Middle
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Materials Required: See below
Activity Time: 45 -55 minutes
Concepts Taught: Classifying the four food groups

Materials: Old newspapers and/or magazines.
Posterboard or construction paper or plain white paper.
Safety scissors.
Non-toxic water soluble glue.
Large trash can(s) for the excess trash paper.
Yard stick or rulers

Assignment: Save the daily newspaper and /or get the old magazines from the library that are no longer in circulation. Allow the students to bring in old newspapers and magazines if their parents have any that the students are allowed to use. Have the students go through the papers and magazines and tell them to cut out the foods that they feel are in one of the four food groups. Walk around the room and make sure the students are on task and help where needed. After the child has cut out all the pictures they need (amount varies on the size of the posterboard/paper that you use) have the students cleanup their area of any waste paper. If you use a poster board, have the students divide it into four squares using rulers or a yard stick and pencils or you can use four separate sheet of paper if posterboard is not available. Instruct the students to first place the pictures they had cut out onto the posterboard and position them so the pictures over lap. Do not glue them on at this time, allow them to move the pictures around until they feel they know how they want their pictures arranged. You may want the children to label each square or paper with the food group the pictures are supposed to represent. After this step is achieved then the students are to glue the pictures on the board, reminding them that only a couple drops of glue in the corners of the pictures are needed for the pictures to adhere to the board. After all the pictures are glued in place; place the posterboard/papers on a table to dry, careful not to place anything on top of the pictures due to the fact the glue might stick to what is placed on top and rip the pictures or paper when pulled off. Clean up and put away all materials, make sure you save any newspapers or magazines that could be used again. After the pictures have tried, hang them on the walls and use them as study guides and aides for the rest of the unit.