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Grade: Pre-School

#2039. Alphabet Lesson Plan Intro and "A"

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Nov 28 07:45:01 PST 2000 by Cathlynn Bowser (cathlynn@alltel.net).
Indiana University of Pennsylvania , Kittaning,Pa
Materials Required: "A" book, ingredients for apple sauce or pie, letter "A" tracings,"A" songs, shaping/ materials,
Activity Time: half day lesson
Concepts Taught: Building an understanding of the letter A, and the shape and sound of the letter A.

Alphabet Lesson Plan
Introduction to the Unit and the letter A

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce students to an essential part of learning to read and write the alphabet. Different areas of the alphabet will be discussed but in this lesson we will only introduce the alphabet and the letter A. Students will sing a song to introduce the various letters and a story of the letters will provide a further insight to our investigation into the alphabet. The letter A will be discussed and various activities will be performed. Students will sing a song, read a story, have snacks and an activities dealing with the letter A.
Students have sufficient background knowledge and experiences for this lesson. The students have some knowledge of the alphabet and it's various letters. They have also worked in small and large group to do various activities. Students also have experiences with singing and story time.


*Following a story about the Letter A, kindergarten students will be able to correctly circle or point to words/ items that begin with the letter A with 80% accuracy.
*Following instructions, a demonstration and teacher help, kindergarten students, in small groups will be able to construct an apple-stamper out of materials, with 75% accuracy.
*After an activity to strengthen hand muscles and letter shaping kindergarten students will be able to hold a writing utensil and trace/ write the letter A, with 70% accuracy.
* Teacher will show the students the shape of the letter A through various manipulative, after the activity kindergarten students will create the shape of the letter A by using materials such as clay, paper cutouts, crayons and various materials, with 85% accuracy.
* Following the introductory song, a book introducing the letter A, and discussion, kindergarten students will be able to correctly pronounce the sounds of the letter A with 90% accuracy.
* Following activities for letter stroke, Kindergarten students, during individual assessments will be able to explain or demonstrate the proper stroke sequence of the Letter A, with 100% accuracy.


This lesson is designed to teach the Letter A and introduce the letters to kindergarten children. This lesson is designed for a half-day class session. The lesson includes activities for the letter A, such as letter shaping, apple stamping, applesauce or apple pie, and songs. The snack and song corresponds with the letter of the day.
The worksheets for the letter A varies from worksheets introducing the letter A, sounds of the letter A, directions for writing the letter A and Letter A tracings. The shape of the letter A is reinforced through clay shaping activities. The shaping activities also include collage, paper cut/rip outs, beans, markers, paint, sidewalk chalk, water colors or any materials that the students can use to form the letter A without using pencil and paper.
This lesson allows children to socialize thorough activities such as songs, small and large group activities, class discussion, and cooking activities.
*** This lesson can be easily modified for those students with special needs. ***