Grade: Elementary
Subject: Phys Ed

#2041. Target Kicking

Phys Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Nov 28 18:26:21 PST 2000 by Bob Renzi (
Indiana Univ. of PA, INDIANA, US
Materials Required: Nerf Balls;Wall Targets; Bowling Pins
Activity Time: 45 min.
Concepts Taught: Learn how to kick a ball accurately


I. Lesson Plan Outline:

A. Facility: Gymnasium
B. Equipment: 12 tennis racquets; 24 tennis balls; 3 tennis/badminton nets; 12 task sheets; 12 pens/pencils.
C. Activity: Tennis Forehand
D. Class Size: 12
E. Sources of Information/Resources: "Ready to use P.E. Activities"; United States Tennis Association (USTA); Methods of Elementary Health & P.E.


A. Warm-up: I See - The students will make a circle on the center circle at mid-court. I will give them commands like "hop on one foot or skip" then the students will perform that command while moving clockwise. They are not permitted to pass any one in the circle. Some other commands to use are: jump, crab walk, long jump, gallop, push-ups, and sit-ups.
B. Stretching: knee-chest flex, hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch, sitting spinal twists, calf stretch, groin stretch, triceps stretch (overhead behind back), and forearm stretch.
C. Activities: I will first go over the task sheet with the class; explain to them how to use this sheet. This works in groups of two, one observes while the other is performing the forehand shot against the wall. They will each perform this task ten times each. The observer has a checklist on the task sheet, and he/she is to check correct or incorrect while watching for proper critical elements.
Next, divide the students into groups of four and place one group at each net. Two students stand on one side and two on the other side of the net. One side should have racquets and the other side should have tennis balls. The side with the tennis balls will throw one hoppers to the other side with racquets. The other side will hit the ball back by using the proper critical elements that they learned from the task sheet. Continue this at least ten times each.
Then, keep the student were they are and have everybody in the class get a racquet. You will need two tennis balls per court because two people will hit back and forth to each other using the forehand critical elements, and there are two groups of two at each court.
D. Conclusion: perform the same stretches that were done at the beginning of the class. While you are stretching ask the students if they can tell you the critical elements of the tennis forehand.

II. Objectives
A. Cognitive:
1. The student will be able to listen and follow the teacher's instructions.
2. The student will be able to read the task sheet and follow the critical elements.
B. Affective:
1. The student will be able to behave his/her self by using classroom manners.
2. The student will be able to cooperate in groups.
C. Psychomotor:
1. The student will be able to use eye-hand and feet-hand coordination to perform the tennis forehand.
2. The student will be able to hit the tennis ball over the net by using the tennis forehand.

III. Content:

A. Time and Learning Experiences: 7 minutes for warm-up; 3minutes for stretching; 10 minutes for forehand task sheet; 10 minutes for throw and hit by partner; 5 minutes for partner hitting back and forth; and 5 minutes for conclusion (stretching, review, and questions.
B. Content Development:
1. Refinement: If I go through my activities to fast I will have the students hit the ball over the net into hula-hoops that will be lying on the ground. The students must use the forehand swing to do this.
C. Skill Analysis:
1. Task Sheet: This is one of the ways that I can see how the students are performing the skills.
2. Observing: This is another way, I will watch them during class and correct them on the spot.

IV. Safety
A. Make sure that all tennis racquets and tennis balls are picked up off of the floor before any activity begins.
B. Always hit away from the bleachers if possible, because you do not want students crawling on them to find a ball and end up getting hurt.