Grade: Advanced
Subject: Computer

#2042. Using Borland C++ Builder

Computer, level: Advanced
Posted Tue Nov 28 19:43:07 PST 2000 by Kraig Stambaugh (
Penn State University, University Park, PA
Materials Required: A Computer Lab to teach lesson in.

Lesson Purpose:
To introduce studenets to a visual programming environment, specifically Borland's C++ Builder.

Lesson Objectives:
1. Give students a broad introduction of visual programming environments.
2. Students will understand and be able to use visual components and the toolbar in
3. Students should be able to integrate existing C++ code into visual applications and be able to create
new applications with their code.

1. Explain what visual programming is and how it can be used in rapid application
development. Show what the main programming interface of C++ Builder looks like and
what the main tools and menus do.

2. Introduce the visual components and the functions of several important components such
as buttons, text and text boxes, menus, and boxes. Create a simple example program and
include these components to show how they can be used in application windows.

3. Discuss how C++ code is used and integrated in C++ Builder. Using the previous example
program, show students how to connect events to the components in order to execute
C++ code such as the OnButtonPush event that executes when the user of the application
clicks on a button.

4. Discuss and demonstrate several more complicated examples of C++ Builder programs.
Show students the code and how it was created. Give students a sample programming
assignment and assist them as they attempt to create the application.

Summarize the main points of the lesson and discuss how larger more complicated
programs can be built using the same tools and techniques shown in this lesson.