Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#2047. Macbeth final project

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Fri Dec 1 08:31:01 PST 2000 by brian cook (
Marysville High School, Marysville, Kansas
Materials Required: copy of Shakespeare's "Macbeth"
Activity Time: several days

This assignment is for the completion of my "Macbeth" unit. It allows the students to show their understanding of the language of the play in a creative, and oftentimes humorous way. It's a take on the cliched, "re-write a scene in today's language" activity.

break up the class into groups of six or seven and hand out the following as a lesson sheet:

Now that The Scottish Play reading tis through,
Tis time for you to have something to do.
There will be no paper, exam, oh, no,
For this assignment, thine voices will throw
Their beauty at me, and portray th' acts
To their newest delight, and filled of facts.
Choose th' scene of the grandest importance
And give't th' new words and make them dance.
Evaluate and interpret The Bard's
Linguistics, you shall find tis not that hard
To do, and if all else, thou may just guess.
Many days we've not, you may have to press.
Mine eyes will be watching, choose your scene well,
For tis th' shortest scene chosen, I'll tell.
Importance is th' goal, length tis not be;
If't be a scene not wraught, you will "C"
Frowns upon my face, and this as well
As the marks for Literature shant not swell.
Be seven as one, and the group will thrive;
Keep focused, on task, or th' scene will dive.
Give't the edge is so well desires,
Keep it lively, or the house shall tire.
Stay mindful of the pen which doth bleed green;
Too much indulgance would not be so keen.
Inquiries you may have, be not afraid
To ask Your Majesty for he shall stay
To be head watch of all th' proceedings
And to make mop-up of all th' bleedings.

Give the students several days to choose their scene, rewrite it, and work over the performance. I like to take the kids to the auditorium for the performances, but it would do just as well in the classroom.

Enjoy, and break a leg.