Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#205. Chemical Reactions

Science, level: Middle
Posted by A. Burse (
University of Memphis, Memphis, US
Materials Required: Candy, 2 types, and food items
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Distinguishing between Decomposition and Synthess Reaction

Objectives:TLW1. define the term chemical reaction. 2. Identify the reactants and products in a chemical reaction,
3. distinguish between decomposition and synthesis reactions. 4. Construct reactions using food items.
Process Objectives: The students wil initially take notes and define a chemical reaction and discuss where the reactants and products are in a reaction.
Students ill then be given + signs and an arrow. At various times students will be given candy, peanuts and koolaid to construct reactons.
Teacher will begin by defining a chemical reaction and discussing the reactants and products in a reaction.After discussing reactions, synthesis and decomposition. the teacher will demonstrate a decomposition reaction with an orange.
1. Place an oranfe on the left side of the desk
2. Place a "yield"(arrow) sign to the right of the orange
3. Peel an orange
4. Place the slices of orange to the right of the yield sign
5. To the right of the plus sign, place the peels from the orange
6. Complete the equation using proper coefficients and signs
7. Write the equation as it should be seen
Orange-----> slices + peel + juice
Hand out peanuts first and have the students to make a decomposition reaction
Show the students or tell of a Snthesis reaction and hve students to copy with the koolaid and water or candy items.

Evaluation: Make sure that the equations are correct before the student is allowed to go on.
Students will write don the reactions and tell what type of reaction