Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Science

#2058. floating fruits

Science, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Dec 4 19:04:13 PST 2000 by terrance wilson (
indiana university of pa, indiana

Audience: preschoolers
Behavior: find out which fruits float
Condition: explain the meaning of "float" and "sink"
Degree: this should be fairly easy, the preschoolers will be able to see if the fruit sinks or floats
-a variety of different fruits
-one large, open container for water
-float/sink prediction cards
-float/sink graph
1. Allow 20 minutes for this activity.
2. This activity should be used as a small group teacher-directed lesson so that each child gets a turn.
1. Show the fruit to the group of children. Ask the children to tell you what is the same about all of the items.
2. Discuss the meaning of "float" or "sink".
3. Give each child a float/sink prediction card. Make sure that each child can tell you which side shows float and which side shows sink.
4. Choose one fruit and let the children feel it. Have them indicate their predictions with the cards.
5. Discuss the predictions. Do more children think the fruit will float or that it will sink.
6. Have a child place the fruit in the water. The children tell whether it floats or sinks.
7. The child removes the fruit from the water and places it on the appropriate side of the graph.
8. Repeat the above procedure with the rest of the fruit.
9. Discuss the results.