Grade: Elementary
Subject: Health

#2059. Stress Management

Health, level: Elementary
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IUP, Indiana, USA
Materials Required: Large comfortable ares, pictures of good and bad stress
Activity Time: 30-40 minuets
Concepts Taught: Evenyone experiences stress and this is one way to cope with it

Behavioral Objectives

Cognitive: Upon completion of the lesson the students will be able to describe steps in performing progressive relaxation.
Affective: Upon completion of the lesson the students will be able to express enthusiasm in performing new techniques to reduce stress.
Psychomotor: Upon completion of the lesson the students will be able to demonstrate full contraction and relaxation of specific muscle groups.


Comfortable area for students to lay down
Pictures of different types of stress
o Eustress - Good stress
o Distress - Bad stress

The students will demonstrate the controlled breathing technique to help with calming and relaxation of the body
o Have them take in a deep breath, pause for approximately three seconds and release slowly
The students will utilize full body muscle contractions.
o Have students lay on the floor away from other students you will have them starting at their head contract their muscles and releasing them in order to relax. Continue with this activity until you have covered the muscles from their head to their feet.
o Contract the muscles for five seconds and release for total relaxation.


Objective 1: The student redefined the importance of performing progressive relaxation correctly?
Yes_________ No___________

Objective 2: The student expressed enthusiasm for stress reduction techniques?
Level of (1-10) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (circle one)
None Some Great

Objective 3: The student was able to perform progressive relaxation without acknowledging outside interference's?
Yes_________ No___________