Grade: Middle
Subject: Health

#2063. The Food Guide Pyramid

Health, level: Middle
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pa
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Chosing a Healthy Lifestyle

The Food Guide Pyramid

Rationale || Demographic Characteristics || Topic Specific Characteristics || Behavioral Objectives || Notes


In order for students to achieve a healthy life style, they must follow
the basic guidelines of the food guide pyramid. The food guide pyramid, if
followed properly, will lead you to a healthy diet. This diet is essential
in all of the vitamins and minerals, along with proper serving sizes, to
help keep the body in prime nutritional health. Many people do not
follow this pyramid, and doing so for most of your life can lead to some
serious bodily illness and disease.


Demographic Characteristics

This lesson plan is going to be taught on a 5th grade level. These
students are mainly 10-11 years of age. The class consists of 24
students, 13 boys and 11 girls. These kids are mainly middle-class
children who come from the suburbs of pittsburgh.


Topic Specific Characteristics

After discussion with fellow teachers, I have decided to split the class
into two different learning groups. These groups are based on level of
intelligence, maturity level, and overall general knowledge of the
student. One of the groups will work a little faster than the other, in
order to achieve maximum results.


Behavioral Objectives

The student will be able to:
Cognitive-define and categorize the different foods and place them in
their respective groups.

Affective-decide which foods have the most nutritional benefits and
Psychomotor-find examples of foods from each group and create their
own individual food guide pyramid.



This lesson plan is designed to help the students plan a healthy diet,
which will help them live a healthy lifestyle. The food guide pyramid
consists of all the essential foods and amount of servings one needs to
carry out a healthy diet. If followed properly, then a healthy lifestyle
will be in your future. Also, along with a healthy diet, to keep a healthy
lifestyle, one must exercise also. If these two aspects are taken
advantage of, then you will be a healthy person.

If you care to check out some more information about the Food Guide
Pyramid, you can do so by linking to one of the following websites below.
Or you could even search the net under the name: Food Guide Pyramid.