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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Health

#2069. Fire Safety

Health, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Dec 6 13:38:30 PST 2000 by Cara McKenna (
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, USA
Materials Required: Fire alarm, worksheets, fire safety badge
Activity Time: Thirty minute lesson
Concepts Taught: Importance of Fire Safety

Lesson Plan
Grade Level: 2nd Grade Health
Topic - Fire Safety
Thirty-minute lesson

Cara McKenna


Student computers, teacher's computer, Internet connection, fire safety badge, fire alarm, 9-1-1-activity sheet.


I think this lesson is very good for this age group because fire safety is very important. The students should know the importance of a central meeting place and also that dialing 9-1-1 is very important.

Behavioral Objectives:


The students will be able to identify the appropriate time to use the Stop, Drop, and Roll procedure through the completion of the lecture and activity provided.

The students will be able to define The Great Escape Method through questions asked in class.

The students will be able to recite Home Safety Rules used in a fire emergency.


The students will be able to appreciate the importance of a Fire Safety Plan through the demonstration of the three key points:
1.) Stop, Drop, and Roll Procedure
2.) The Great Escape Method
3.) Home Safety Rules


The students will be able to demonstrate the proper technique of the Stop, Drop, and Roll Procedure.

The students will be able to discover ways to cooperate with their emergency departments.

The students will be able to show their understanding of the Great Escape Method through answering questions in class.

The students will be able to translate the proper Home Safety Rules through reciting them with the teacher.

Lesson Activities:

Motivational Opening:

I am going to introduce myself and my topic of Fire Safety. I will do this by giving a brief overview of this topic.


I am going to set off a fire alarm to get the student's attention before starting the lesson.

Activity Based Core:

One student will demonstrate the proper technique of Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Students will have the opportunity to ask questions following the lecture of The Great Escape Method.

The students will recite the proper Home Safety Rules with the teacher.

The students will complete a worksheet about cooperating with emergency departments along with Stop, Drop, and Roll.

The students will receive a Fire Safety Badge, which they will color, put their names on, and place around their necks to show the importance of this lesson.

Closing Activity/Evaluation:

Reviewing of the three key points of the lesson.

Encouragement of participation and questions.


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