Grade: Elementary

#2074. My Pet

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Dec 6 21:59:46 PST 2000 by Cortney Swigart (
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania
Materials Required: Chalk Board,Pens/pencils, Markers/Crayons
Activity Time: 40-50 mins
Concepts Taught: (see lesson plan)

Introduction: Students need to learn correct sentence structure in order to understand language. I have put together a lesson plan that will help students practice the structure of language. The students have learned about nouns, verbs and adjectives from previous lessons done in class. In this lesson, the students will create a pet and write a paragraph describing their pet. The activities in the lesson will have the students practice the use of nouns, verbs and adjectives in a sentence. Also the lesson will include correct sentence format. That includes capitalization, punctuation, spelling, does the sentence make sense etc. . .. This lesson uses students to use creative writing skills, art skills, and public speaking skills.

Instructional Objective: The students will write a paragraph about their drawn pet, using correct sentence format (capitalization, punctuation, does the sentence makes sense? Etc. . .), with 100% accuracy.

Lesson Initiation: To warm up the students for the lesson, I will do a quick review about nouns, verbs and adjectives. This should take only take one to two minutes

Chalk Board
Markers or Crayons
Construction Paper

After the quick review, I will divide the chalkboard into three sections. The first section will be labeled as "Pets". The students can place the different animal names like cat, dog and snake into this category. The purpose of this category is to have the students place noun words there. The second section will be "Pet Characteristics". Here the students will place adjectives describing different pets. The last section will be "Pet Actions". The students will place action verbs into this category. There should be at least 15 different words in each section. You could even have the students write the words on the board themselves in the correct section. This should only take about five minutes
After the students make up their word bank on the chalkboard, the students will then draw a picture of a pet doing one of the action verbs listed on the board. Once the students are finished with their picture, they write one paragraph, roughly five sentences, about their drawn pet. They will use words from the word bank listed on the board. This should take the students fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.

Lesson Summery: To summarize the lesson, the students will show their pet pictures and read their paragraph aloud about their pet to the class. It should only take about fifteen minutes for all the students to read their paragraphs to the class.

Lesson Evaluation: I will use a checklist with the sentence format broken down into sections (capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence make sense?) to evaluate the student's work.