Grade: Elementary

#2078. Book Projects: The Cay

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Dec 8 20:26:14 PST 2000 by Donna Ransdell (
Barnett Elementary School, Ramona, CA
Materials Required: see below
Activity Time: 1 week (for homework)
Concepts Taught: reading comprehension

The Cay Book Project Choice Sheet

Choose ONE of the four book projects to do for the book we have just read together in class,
Theodore Taylor's The Cay. Your project, whichever one you choose, must be done neatly and
carefully. Remember, you only have to choose one project. You may take the book home to help
you, but you must return the book to school with the project.

Project 1: Diorama. Using a shoebox or other small box without a lid or flaps, create a scene
from the story. You may use any recyclable material to create this diorama. Your parent may
help, but it is your project so you must do most of the work. After creating the scene, write a
short paragraph describing the scene you chose, and glue this paragraph to the back of the box.
Your name should be on this paragraph paper.

Project 2: Island map. Using the sketch you drew during our classtime, draw a larger and more
elaborate map on 12"x18" construction paper (see me for the paper). Be sure to include
everything that you know about the island before the hurricane hit. Also include things that
Timothy and Philip built, such as the hut, the line that Philip used to find his way around while
blind, and the catchment. This map should be colorful and well-labeled with a map key. After you
have created the map, write a short paragraph about the map, and glue this paragraph to the back
of the map. Place your name in the bottom right hand corner of the map front.

Project 3: Research paragraphs. Using an encyclopedia, book, or the Internet, research one of
the following topics: U-boats, US Navy destroyers during World War II, hurricanes in the
Caribbean Sea, Curacao (often listed under "Netherlands Antilles"), or causes of blindness after
birth. Write two paragraphs about the topic you chose. Use everything you know about writing
good paragraphs: solid topic sentence, three or four supporting sentences, and a conclusion
sentence (or transition sentence, in the first paragraph). Use a proper heading and title for your
research report.

Project 4: Survivor! Timothy and Phillip had to survive for many months on only a few things
that they brought with them. Everything else, they "made do" from items that they found on the
cay. Many people in California have had to survive after an earthquake destroyed their homes.
For this project, prepare a survival kit for your home of items that you already have. After you
have finished, if there are items which you know you should have, but don't, make a list of those
items for later purchase. After you have gathered the items together (and know which ones you
need), write a short paper about creating your Earthquake Survival Kit. Be sure to include what
items are in your kit, where you decided to store them, what items you are missing in your kit,
and why you think it is important for your family to have a survival kit.
(Note: If your home already has an earthquake survival kit, you may not choose this
project. You will have to choose one of the other three. There are two main reasons for this,
which I explained in class.)