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Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#2082. Opposite Vocabulary Development (Antonyms

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Dec 11 13:10:32 PST 2000 by Mary K. Leiper (
Martin Elementary School, Beaumont, Texas
Materials Required: Chart songs
Activity Time: 30 minutes per lesson
Concepts Taught: Opposite Word Vocabulary Development

Introduction to lesson: (Big/Middle Sized/or small or Little)
Visual Activity: shared reading of the big book
"The Three Bears"

Auditory Activity:
Sing Chart Song of Sizes (Tune: Deep and Wide)

Big, middle-sized and little.
Big, middle-sized and little.
There are things that are
Big, middle-sized and little.

Papa Bear
Papa Bear
Had a big sized bowl,chair and bed.

Mama Bear
Mama Bear
Had a middle-sized bowl,chair and bed.

Baby Bear
Baby Bear
Had a small sized bowl, chair and bed.

That Goldilocks
That Goldilocks
Tried all three sizes
and ended up in a little bed.

She woke up
She woke up
To find three sizes of bears looking at her.
Then she ran...far away
...and I can say without a doubt
She won't be back again.

Tactile Activity:
Graphing flannelboard sort by sizes the three bears, three bowls of porridge, chairs, beds.