Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#2083. Travel Brochure

Language, level: Senior
Posted Thu Dec 14 08:36:46 PST 2000 by Lavonda Walker (steve/
Claiborne County High School, Tazewell, TN
Materials Required: Use of computer lab including Internet, wordprocessing and publishing software, high quality paper a
Activity Time: 1-2 weeks
Concepts Taught: Students will produce a tri-fold brochure encouraging travel in a European country. Information wil

GOALS: To write effective paragraphs that include factual information presented in a creative and interesting manner. The student will develop the structural and creative skills necessary to produce written language that can be read and interpreted by various audiences.

CURRICULUM STANDARD: Language Arts Grade 10: Writing - Write to acquire knowledge, clarify thinking, synthesize information, improve study skills, gain confidence, and promote lifelong communication.

OBJECTIVE: Students will learn and understand how to use the Internet for research through hands-on activities. Through practice, students will use publishing software to produce a brochure.

1. Students will search the Internet for relevant information, copy to wordprocessor, and find pictures of 5 vacation sites in Europe and save to a disk
2. Students will analyze the material and choose information to make 1 tri fold, double sided brochure.
3. Upon completion, students will print brochure.
ASSESSMENT: Printed brochures will graded on proper use of grammar and punctuation. All text must be originally written and creatively organized. Pictures must be relative to the vacation site.