Grade: Pre-School
Subject: 4 Blocks

#2088. sounding out words

4 Blocks, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Dec 18 19:08:37 PST 2000 by robyn ().
Materials Required: slinky
Concepts Taught: sounding out words

Very simple, but lots of fun for the littlies. When teaching children to sound out words use a slinky - yes the toy! Have a child hold one end the slinky and together say the word r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y until the slinky is stretched out. I use this as part of my literacy block and instead of guided reading for the 'babies' (New 5 year olds), we practise sounding out words. they love it. Also, you can have them pretend they have bubble gum in their mouth and stretch out words that way. My students often sit at their desks during writign time and pretend they're stretching out bubble gum. Visitors to our room tink we are all mad!