Grade: all
Subject: Literature

#2099. Writing a Story/Faerie Tale

Literature, level: all
Posted Tue Jan 9 15:02:15 PST 2001 by Ms. Holly Sundstrom (
Eeiren's Faerie Tales and Kyla's Alphabet
Round Persons' Enterprises, Niceville, US
Materials Required: Paper, Writing Implements/Computer, Art Supplies/Program
Activity Time: Unlimited
Concepts Taught: Story Development - Writing

In Developing any story one must first study some story methods and techniques. Defining the
scope and extent of the story, along with the length will help determine time requirements.

With young children often story development and writing is enhanced by adding art which is
either drawn, taken from a computer clip art program, or even cut from a magazine.

First what one is going to write about or the length must first be determined. In younger children
limiting the length and time helps prevent frustration for the child and the teacher encouraging
learning to write through story development. If the child is having difficulty other children can
help or the teacher can sit down to have the story dictated for her to write or the teacher can have
a conversation with the child to stimulate story writing. Questions such as asking "What would
you like to write?" Then either helping the child to write or writing the story for the child will
help initiate learning how to write a story. Do not take over the story nor correct the child as
much as possible for this inhibits the imagination and my stifle the creative learning process.
Kyla who is six often has extremely inaccurate concepts of time and travel in regards to her
cousin who lives in Germany while she lives in Florida. I correct her as little as possible while
encouraging her to develop her writing ability.

Short Story Development for the Elementary Age Child:

First read a short created story by another child or an author for a child about an experience or an
imagined experience as a starting example. In selecting the story one can set the mood for the
genre in which you would like the children to write. If this is not defined they may write about a
variety of things. In the young child even with such directions they may choose to write about
something else such as the little girl who was constantly writing about her newly born baby
brother. For me in the younger child any writing is suitable. If writing is the subject being
taught then writing about anything is suitable. If the method of story writing is being taught then
guidelines will need to be set for the student.

Then select paper suitable for the age group. I am selecting for kindergartners paper with an
open blank space at the top and large double lines for writing on the lower half of the paper.

Then I would give the children color crayons to draw pictures for their story.

Next I would encourage them to write a few words or sentences about the picture they have

In the older student they may be given a list of stories to read then be allowed to develop their
own stories with similar content.

Faerie Tales usually have an element of mystery or fantasy associated with them. Such as a
Magician who can conjure up a demon or a Faerie who can with the touch of her wand can
create a banquet on a barren table fit for a feast.

Faerie Tales are a representation of how far our imaginations can go. Stimulating the
imagination at any level for writing and story telling will have future applications in the lives of
students who have been encouraged in such directions. From creating a new type of soap or
shampoo to the creation of a new solar powered energy station. Story Telling, a very creative
form of the Arts, can help stimulate the minds of your students in safe and applicable ways.

There are in many cities Story Telling Festivals which help one learn how to develop a story and
how to tell a story such that one can capture and stimulate the minds of their audiences. I have
attended several and enjoyed them greatly.

Wish you imagination and creativity, Ms. Holly