Grade: all
Subject: Science

#2111. Field Trips on Nature Topics

Science, level: all
Posted Mon Jan 22 11:35:23 PST 2001 by Kim Foley (
Field Trips Site
Field Trips Site, Spokane, WA, USA
Materials Required: Web Browser & Internet Access
Activity Time: Up to the teacher.
Concepts Taught: What makes a species endangered? Why are rainforests important?

The Field Trips site has virtual tours on nature
topics visiting some of the best sites on a
subject. Teacher's resources are included. Trips
include some old favorites like hurricanes and
oceans, as well as new trips on rainforests,
endangered species, and more.

Example: Rain Forest Field Trip

Rainforests have been around for millions of years, and yet in the very brief span of half a century, mankind has destoyed a huge portion of the world's rainforests. On a daily basis, acres and acres more disappear. This field trip takes a look at what a rainforest is and why it is an important ecosystem, the animals and peoples of the rainforest, what types of rainforests there are, and provides some ideas that students can do to actively participate in protecting the remaining rainforests.


Students will learn about what defines a rainforest.
Students will learn about the environmental impact of eliminating rainforests.
Students will learn about what animals live in the rainforest.
Students will learn about the Inidigenous people of the rainforest.


What makes a rainforest a rainforest?
What are the layers of a rainforest?
Are rainforests important in our environment? Why or why not?