Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2116. Help with Multiplication Facts

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jan 28 16:15:35 PST 2001 by Kim Hunt (
Magnolia Elementary School, Albany Georgia
Concepts Taught: Learning Facts

I teach 3rd grade and I always am looking for good ways to teach multiplication facts. Aside from just MEMORIZING them, students need to work on them everyday. I do a lot of drilling while the children are standing in line, etc. I also make a pin that I wear on my shirt. Each day I write a multiplication fact on the pin.(I use a dry erase marker)The children see the specific fact all day and they end up learning it. I also bought a beach ball and put facts all over it with a permanent marker. We toss the ball in class, and the children have to answer the problem that their thumbs are on. When we work in small groups, I pair up students with dice. They toss the dice and multiply the two number the dice land on. They practice drilling with each other. I also give at least two timed tests a week, one for practice and one for a grade. I let the parents know that these tests are a big part of the children's Math grades. This usually also gets me some help at home. Good luck!