Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#2122. Character analysis

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Fri Feb 9 11:19:44 PST 2001 by D. Fiedler (
Bath Central School District, Bath, USA
Materials Required: Hand out or overhead
Activity Time: varies with length of literature
Concepts Taught: character analysis and interpretation of quotes from literature

(Directions to instructor... as students read a literary selection they find and write quotes that reveal something about specific characters. It is effective to choose quotes from the beginning, middle and end of the piece. Students then interpret quotes. This activity can be used as the basis for discussion or as a prewriting activity. It works well as both an individual or paired activity.)

Class Name

Character Analysis
(How do we know what we know about
characters in literature?)

For each of the prominent characters in this novel:

List the character's name

Find and write at least 6 quotes from the novel that reveal something about each character (include the page #);

Write what each quote tells you about the character;

Ex. "No, he couldn't go up them; he couldn't go down either. What if he
should get dizzy again, and slip, or take the wrong step. No, it was
safer to stay here, and wait. Perhaps something would happen,
perhaps they had make a mistake, and someone would come and get
him out. He closed his eyes again, pressing himself against the
stairs." (pp.5-6)

The characters is frightened and seems helpless by himself. He seems like someone who is waiting for somebody else to help him rather than helping himself. I think he will give up or quit at the first sign of adversity.