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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2126. Long Division Tip "Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother"

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Feb 11 10:30:01 PST 2001 by Mrs. Jennifer Stoklosa (jstoklosa@ccboe.com).
Matula Elementary School, La Plata, Maryland
Materials Required: Poster Board for steps or index cards for students
Activity Time: 30 minutes to practice
Concepts Taught: Steps for Long Division

I use this lesson after I have introduced the basic steps of long division. The students have a hard time remembering the steps involved, and that they need to repeat the steps. I came up with an acronym for the steps.
D- Dad (Division
M- Mom (Multiply)
S- Sister (Subtract)
B- Brother(Bring down)
I call it Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother. The students usually write the letters and the symbols next to each division problem as a reminder. After they complete each step they place a checkmark next to the step so they can keep track of where they are.
This has worked wonders for many students over the past couple of years. It has worked extremely well with students with learning disabilities. It is a sure thing!!