Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#2129. Author Research

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Mon Feb 12 08:45:25 PST 2001 by Kerry LeBlanc (
Argyll Home Education Services Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Materials Required: internet, non-fiction essay
Concepts Taught: research

This lesson was created for online students; the directions here are given directly to the kids. You will want to modify.


This assignment asks you to find out a little about author Harper Lee.

EVALUATION: Your response will be marked holistically on a scale from 1-10. If you wish to receive full marks for this assignment, you must:

-use ONLY your own words (no copying from the internet - I always find out!)
-have at least 2 notes each about Lee's:
*family background
*educational background
*current situation - Where is she now?

Point form notes are fine - sentences are NOT required.

TOTAL: /10

1) Do some research on the internet to find out about author Harper Lee.

2) List what you find in your own words. Look at the evaluation criteria to make sure you have included all required information.

3) Document the website(s) you used.