Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#2130. Mean, Median, Mode, & Range- The MMMR Rap

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Feb 12 16:21:45 PST 2001 by Mrs. Jennifer Stoklosa (
Matula Elementary, La Plata, Maryland
Materials Required: Poster Board or paper for distributing the song...a good memory
Activity Time: 20 minutes to teach the song
Concepts Taught: How to calculate Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

First introduce these statistic concepts by discussing the terms mode, median, mean, and range. Follow with teacher modeling, guided practice and independent practice of the skill.

Once this lesson has been taught the students may have difficulty remembering the terms and what to do for each. I have written a rap (since children respond well to this song format) that children can sing to help them remember term definitions, as well as what to do to find each. After the students have memorized the song, they can sing it in their head to help them remember when working independently.

The MMMR Rap

The M, The M, The MMMR Rap.
The M, The M, The MMMR Rap.

Now Mode, Mode, I've been told,
is the # that you see the most.

Median, Median, Median, is the man.
The man in the middle, the man in the middle.
Just line up the #'s the best you can
From smallest to largest,
From smallest to largest.

Now Mean, Mean, he is the best.
Of course he is better than all the rest.
Just add, add, add all your #'s,
and when you divide
you won't believe your eyes-
you'll only have one # to your surprise.

Last but not least is our friend the Range-
He isn't the best, but he sure is strange.
You start with the Hiiiggghhhh and subtract
the Loooowwww!!!
You've got the Range and there is no mo'!

The M, The M, The MMMR Rap.
The M, The M, The MMMR Rap.
When you sing it out loud--it's all just a snap!

After the students have practiced this a couple of times they can begin to add body movement to the words. It works best if they stand up to sing. The students will enjoy figuring out how to add gestures to match the lyrics.

I hope you enjoy this song and it helps aid in your students long term memory of this concept!