Grade: Pre-School

#2141. Phonics

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Thu Feb 15 19:11:54 PST 2001 by Kim Felhausen (
Kim's Klass, Ingleside, USA
Materials Required: pencil and paper
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Phonics

Read the children the story. When you are finished
discuss the story with them. Discuss that the letters
all ran up to the top of the coconut tree and that
they will now make their own coconut tree, and cut out
the letters of their name from the magazines. Use the
brown and green paper to rip strips to make the coconut
tree.Glue the tree onto blue paper. Sprinkle sand on
the bottom of the page and have them glue on the
letters of their name climbing up the coconut tree.