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Subject: Music

#2146. Rain stick

Music, level: all
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More free craft projects,
Materials Required: cardboard tubes from kitchen foil rolls
Activity Time: 30-60mins

Using cardboard tubes brought from home and small amounts of rice each child can make their own rainstick.

Take the cardboard tube and seal one end with strong masking tape....

Using some strong craft or sewing pins with a head on them.... give each child around 20 pins
have them randomly stick the pins into the tube..
that is to push the pins from the outside edge into the tube so it sticks inside.

place 1/2 a cup of rice or other dry bean into the tube and once again seal up the open end with masking when the child turns the tube sideways.. the rice should fall down the tube hitting the pins and creating a rain fall sound.

to increase this lesson plan time...get the children to paint their rain sticks...