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Grade: Middle

#2152. Descriptive Name Poem

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Tue Feb 27 13:56:27 PST 2001 by Dew (
Materials Required: pen and paper. The poem could also be typed.
Activity Time: One class period
Concepts Taught: creative/poetry writing

Please note the following: I'm not a teacher and I only write poetry for personal enjoyment.

Today I came up with a "Descriptive Name Poem" format and I thought that middle school/high school teachers might enjoy assigning to their students.

***I think it would be wonderful if the students also included a photo or drawing of the person with their completed poem, especially if the poem is typed.

***Since the topic of the poem is a person and the person chosen/assigned could be anyone--including a famous person or a fictional character--this could be good exercise for English and History students.

Here my steps for writing a "Descriptive Name Poem:"

1. [First name or nickname of a person]
*Please note that the person chosen will be the topic of the poem. The person can be yourself, a friend, a famous person, a fictional character in a book or movie, etc. Use your imagination!

2. "The name represents [adj], [adj]."
*List 2 adjectives that describe the person's personality or nature. Add a third adjective if you want.
3. "It is the color of [emotion] and the sound of [emotion]."
*Place two emotions (ones that the person feels or displays often) in the spaces.

*Optional: Feel free to describe the emotions in detail if you desire.

*Optional: Replace the word "color" or "sound" for the word "smell."

*Optional: Change the line to "It is the color of [emotion], the sound of [emotion], and the smell of [emotion]." In this case, use only one word in each blank spot or break the line up into more than one if the sentences ends up being too long.

4. "It is a(n) [adj] [noun] that [action or characteristic]."
*The noun is something such as an animal, flower, or an object that reminds you of the person. The action is something that the noun does or one of its characteristics.

*Hint: The action or characteristic should relate to the person in some way as well as the noun chosen.

*Hint: If you get stuck on the adjective, try to use a color. Feel free to use more than one adjective if you want.

5. "His/Her name is [full name]"
*List the person's complete name including first, middle, last, etc. If you used a nickname as the first line, be sure that it is included somehow in the person's full name.

6. "And it means he/she
believes/accepts/understands/knows/wants/needs/....." *Pick a verb and then finish the sentence.

Here is an example I wrote using this format:

The name represents determination, respect, and power.
It is the color of fear and the sound of loneliness.
It is a piece of cold, twisted steel in the hot sun.
His name is Michael "Sonny" Corinthos
And it means he believes in protecting those he loves from harm.

Written by: dew

By the way, the character Sonny appears on the soap opera, "General Hospital."