Grade: Elementary

#2157. Panda Poetry Day

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Mar 2 13:20:02 PST 2001 by Marissa KIng (
Mrs.King's Class
brookmeade, memphis,usa
Materials Required: Paper,Pencil
Activity Time: 12:00
Concepts Taught: Write a poem for the class!

Who I see
I see my teacher teaching me everyday!
I see my mom doing the best for me!
I see my dad showing me love when I didn't have it
I see god lookin over me!
I see jesus waiting to save me!
Students must make a poem that is educational and is thoughtful and that rhymes that is easy to understand and that they can focus on! Just to be responible and accurant of all of their things!So they can explore their minds to each other so they can understand themselfes then each other not just by there selfes either!for who they are and what they are.