Grade: all

#2167. I Have A Dream....

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Tue Mar 6 11:00:21 PST 2001 by Candace Ousley (
Flat Gap Elementary, Flat Gap, USA
Materials Required: A copy of Martin Luthur King's- I Have A Dream Speech & A story about Martin as a boy.
Activity Time: 1 hour +
Concepts Taught: Problem solving

I Have A Dream. . .

Students will be able to write about a real-world problem facing their school, community, city, state, country, or ten world.
Students will demonstrate in writing solutions to problems relating to their lives and the lives of others.

Read the story, A Boy Named Martin to the students. Then discuss any feelings the story might spark and how Civil Rights have change things since Martin Luther King, Jr. was a boy.
Next, read Martin Luther King , Jr's, "I Have A Dream" Speech. Students can then brainstorm dreams they might have . . . Students can then choose one to write about and offer possible solutions.
This activity can be integrated with a thematic unit or taught as a writing lesson. *Note young students may want to draw picture. Older students can research further their topic.
* note: I have used this writing prompt in my classroom for couple of years. It just seems to be a natural.