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#2169. "Who Wants to Become a Scholar"

, level: all
Posted Fri Mar 9 07:36:22 PST 2001 by Gary McClain (mcclaing1@excite.com).
Belding Middle School, Belding, MI 48809
Materials Required: Your text, the concepts, terms and ideas you teach; roll book or numbered chips for selecting kids
Activity Time: Class period/flexible
Concepts Taught: Review activity / Students like this Activity

1. Place a chair/desk at the front of the class.
2. Place a copy of the text beneath the chair/desk
3. Select a student by drawing a numbered chip (corresponding to the rollbook number) from a container
4. As moderator, you become Regis Philbin from the popular TV show
5. Ask you review question
6. Students who answer w/o assistance receive 5 points
7. Students may use 3 Life Lines:
A. Use the book for 4 points (15 seconds)
B. Ask a Friend: If the answer is accepted by the contestant, the friend receives 3 points, the contestant receives 2 points
C. Students may ask for a Lottery Choice: I then select a student from my chip container with numbered chips. If the answer is correct and accepted, the selected student receives 4 points, and the contestant receives 1 point.
8. If students give a wrong answer, they lose the points they have earned for the game that day.
9. Students may walk away without loss of points if they chose to stop before they begin answering.
10. Once a students begins to answer a question, they are committed to their effort.
11. I log points for the marking period, then put them on a curve for a grade at the end of the marking period.