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Subject: Games

#2179. SMACK!

Games, level: all
Posted Fri Mar 16 21:17:29 PST 2001 by Lisa O'Neill (
Sheridan Elementary, Philadelphia, USA
Materials Required: Paper, Pencils, Chalk and Board
Activity Time: 5 minutes- ?
Concepts Taught: Reading, Letter Recognition, Spelling

This game is simple and can be adapted to any grade. Students are given a number. They need to write down a secret word with that number of letters. Then the writer writes single letters on the board. As letters are written, students cross off any that are in their word. When they have crossed out all of their letters they "Smack" their table and say Smack. That student now gets to pick the number and be the writer.
* The key to this game is that it is a silent game. As the room gets loud the writer writes "Bad" letters like Q and X. This works really well right before or after a spelling test.