Grade: 3-5

#218. Restaurant Writing Project

Reading/Writing, level: 3-5
Posted Wed Jul 15 21:57:10 PDT 2009 by C.Q. (C.Q.).
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New York City, USA
Materials Required: nothing special
Activity Time: About an hour
Concepts Taught: letter writing

When you teach students about writing business letters or friendly letters, have them write to the owner or manager of their favorite restaurant.

Students can explain why they like to eat at the restaurant, what their favorite menu items are, and who they go out with.

After they've written the letters, they type and print them out on the computer.

Then, address them to the manager of the restaurant and send them off.

Many times, the restaurant managers will send tokens of appreciation - like free kids meals, coupons, or a thank you letter.

When they return to the restaurant with their families, they're often treated like V.I.P's!!