Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#2180. Comparatives

Language, level: Middle
Posted Sat Mar 17 16:45:01 PST 2001 by Harris Dollinger (
Spring Valley HS, Spring Valley NY
Materials Required: chart paper, chalkboard, markers, chalk, motivated students
Activity Time: 1-2 days
Concepts Taught: Using the comparative to express opinions

How can I use the comparative form of adjectives to express my opinion?

Motivation: Everyone has his/her opinion. To develop an opinion of something you first must make comparisons. Compare the following: a mouse to a dog (large), math to science (boring), English grammar to the grammar of my language (easy), the weather here to the weather in my hometown (cold).
-Record student responses on the board.

Materials: student responses, notebook paper, lists of noun pairs, and adjectives

i) Give the students the names of objects (a car, an airplane, a bicycle)
a)Instruct learners to find as many points of comparison between the items as possible.

Example: A car is faster than a bicycle. An airplane is larger than a car. A bicycle is cheaper than a car. Traveling by airplane is more expensive than traveling by car.

b) Put student responses on the board. Illustrate the negative form.

ii) Ask students to look at the list of noun pairs:
1)a Lexus and a BMW, 2) SVHS and Ramapo HS
3)Jennifer Lopez and Britiney Spears,
4) Dennis Rodman and Michel Jordon,
5) New York Yankees and the New York Mets,
6) Will Smith and Jim Carey,
7) Sony play station and Gameboy,
8) "Who wants to be a Millionaire" and "Survivor" 9) health and money
10) a gold chain necklace and a diamond ring

What do you think?
a)Have students use comparative adjectives in the affirmative and negative to describe what they think of the noun pairs.
I think that a television is cheaper than a radio.

b)Ask students to sit in pairs to share their sentences.

c)Record these on the board. Ask if there is consensus.

Assignment: Here's a few pairs: wrestling and basketball, internet and television, watching MTV and listening to the radio, Nike sneakers and Timberland boots, Rap music and Gospel. . . I want you to thinkabout some other pairs and write sentences using the comparative of adjectives in the affirmative and negative.