Grade: Elementary

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Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Mar 18 11:16:50 PST 2001 by Ian Everitt ().
Durham, NC
Materials Required: Transparency of a buisness letter

1. First put the transparency on the overhead.
2. Discuss the parts of the letter(How many parts,etc.)
3.Tell the students that they will wright letters like this to a county in this state!(They can draw a county name from a bowl)
4.Discuss and reveiw buisness letters and then write a rough draft asking for any information on that county. Then write a final draft. (You may particapate too!!!)
5. Send them to that county and make a sheet so they can record this info.
6. In two weeks they should hand in areport and make a display using the info. they learned about this county.

(This also ties in with s.s.)