Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#2190. Pick - a - Page G.R. activity : Two of Everything

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Mar 24 18:42:03 PST 2001 by Stacy Dunn (
Northwestern Elementary, OH
Materials Required: story Two of Everything and predetermined grouping procedures
Activity Time: 30-35 min for 2 days
Concepts Taught: g.r. block - fluency and story sequence

Pick - a - Page lesson format. This can easily be applied to other stories!

Determine the story to be used, in my case Two of Everything. I assigned each child two pages that they were responsible for reading fluently. There were 3 kids who each were assigned the same two pages so I grouped them together. They were to practice reading the pages, helping one another to become proficient with them. They practiced for approximately 15 minutes. This was our reading for the day. Then I had them come up with a question pertaining to their two pages.

The next day, they were given 5 minutes to review their two pages with their small groups. After this time, they were placed into a larger group (A, B, or C) as designated on the top of their paper - see below. These groups ended up with 8 members. Each child in the larger groups had practiced two different pages. They then read the story with each child reading the two pages they had learned to the other seven people. After everyone read their two pages starting from the beginning to the end, each child then asked the question they had developed on the previous day.

I hope this makes sense - it went SO well with almost 100% on-task behavior. Each child was interested to see how their two pages fit in with the rest of the story! I gave everyone a premade sheet with their assigned pages and small group partners. It took some planning on my part, but was well worth it. Below is what I gave each child.

Two of Everything

A (8 said A, 8 said B, and 8 said C)

Pages: _____________ (I listed the two pages they were to read here)

You are going to practice reading your assigned pages with two other people. Practice them until you can read them very well. Remember to help the other people in your group!

Here are the other people who will practice with you on the
same pages:

________________ and ________________

You need to think of one question you could ask the rest of your group about the pages you are reading. Think of a good question and write it below so you don't forget it.