Grade: all
Subject: Geography

#2195. Edible Tropical/Edible Temperates?

Geography, level: all
Posted Tue Mar 27 11:03:16 PST 2001 by Louise Jupp/Adrian Sambrook (
rainham school for girls, kent, england
Materials Required: Range of fruit, vegetables, nuts etc ., Lots of napkins & cloths!! Research materials? Maps?
Activity Time: One lesson - more/less? depend on enthusiasm!
Concepts Taught: Variety of produce available in tropical regions (compared to temperate regions?)

Options - get students to research what produce comes from selected regions in books, on internet or software.
- get students to visit markets, stores etc. o find where different produce comes from.

Bring in (or have students bring in)a selection of fruit, vegetables, nuts etc for sudents to taste test(blindfold?) - here's where napkins and cloths come in handy!

If taking this seriously, get students to make maps showing where things grow naturally & think about how climate affects what, & how much, grows where. Otherwise just have some fun!! Tropical/temperate is the obvious comparison for us in England teaching about Brazil, but clearly it can be adapted.

All age groups love this as a fun lesson - they do not realise that by doing the research, even in the supermarket, they have learned a little about where things grow in the world, not easily forgotten once you have tasted raw chilli peppers or root ginger for the first time!!!