Grade: all
Subject: Art

#220. artsy snowmen

Art, level: all
Posted by paula tillery (
McNary heights Elementary, Umatilla, OR
Materials Required: food service size cans, paint in black, white and orange
Activity Time: 2 periods

I collect those large cans from our cafeteria ladies and our Kinders use them to spray paint lower 2/3 white and upper 1/2 with black. Trace a circle the size of bottom of can adding 2 inches done on black paper. Cut out and forms the brim of Frosty's hat. Use ribbons for his muffler and paint on 2 eyes and mouth with black. Add a carrot oranf collored nose. Actually my parent volunteers did this as we had little time. You can use these for gifts, canisters of homemade cookies or group different sizes to make a display.