Grade: Pre-School
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#2204. Give it a try

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Fri Sep 23 14:42:57 PDT 2011 by lisa (lisa).
elms school, auburn
Materials Required: copy of the book
Activity Time: any time


Once upon a time there were two little mice who loved to stay home with their mom. When they turned four years old, their mom decided to send them to school. . ..Of course, the mice did not want to go to school at all. . . They loved playing with their toys at home, waking up late in the morning, watching TV. When they please and playing outdoors whenever they want. Monday was their first day of school; their mom dropped them off. . . The mice were very sad, they cried, they pleaded, they wanted their mom, but mom had left and promised to come back later to pick them up. Tuesday was their second day at school, they cried a little but as soon as their teacher started reading a story they sat down and listened. . . it was the most unusual story they ever heard, about a bunny and a tooth fairy! On Wednesday the mice learned their a, b ,c, things were starting to get better, and school turned out to be more fun than they thought it would be. On Thursday, the mice made cookies, and ate them too. . .On Friday the mice came home from school and told their mom and dad they had a great week at school. . .mom and dad were very proud of their little ones. The following Monday,
a new student arrived to the classroom! It was bunny first day at school! Bunny was very sad to leave his mom, so the two mice decided to help him feel more comfortable by playing with him. . . The mice tried extremely hard to make bunny happy, they were having such a great time that they didn't notice bunny escaping from the window. . ..Where is bunny?? Asked the teacher. The two mice look around, they looked everywhere. . . under the tables, behind the chairs, inside the
toy box, and behind the curtains. . .bunny was nowhere! "He shouted out there", shouted cat. Cat was looking out of the window, everyone ran over to see bunny. "He's running away, bunny is running away! Said cat. "Oh my, cried the
teacher, 'he's heading towards the busy street! We need to stop him before he gets hurt"! "Well get him, said the two little mice, and they dashed right after bunny. Bunny really didn't mean trouble, all he wanted to do is go back home and be with his mom. He didn't want to go to school; he just wanted to stay home. He was very busy running as fast as he could that he did not notice the two little mice following him. Bunny was getting closer and closer to the busy street, "stop, be careful. . . shouted one of the mice, but the sound of cars was so loud that bunny couldn't hear him. And in three seconds
bunny was on the other side of the road! It took the two little mice a long time to cross the busy street, they were very frightened because they knew how dangerous it was, and their mom had always warned them of getting too closer to streets. But finally they did it, and they were really relived. Now bunny was far away, the two little mice could barely see him; if they wanted to catch up with him they would have to run very fast. "Oh no! Look bunny is heading towards the forest", said mouse, don't go there bunny, it is not safe, come back! "Bunny heard his friends this time around, but he decided not to listen to them, and he thought he was getting closer to home. Little did he know that he was heading right towards danger. . . when the two little mice got to the forest they were very frightened. . . they did not want to go further in, but they
had to save their friend? They could not see him anymore and hoped that he was safe. Suddenly, bunny and the two little mice heard a frightful roar! Bunny jumped up and hid behind a big tree trunk. . .the two little mice ran towards the closest
shelter. . .their tiny hearts were pounding very fast with fear. . . and they were breathing so fast. . . they didn't know whose roar it was; it must be a lion or a bear! Whatever it was, it was definitely big and scary, and they hoped it wasn't hungry!
"Can you hear that? Its coming to eat us," whispered mouse as they both heard the breathing get closer and closer. . ."ahhhhhhh. . ..." everyone was screaming, the two little mice and bunny! Bunny, its you! We found you! Said mouse, "I'm so glad to see you too guys," said bunny. "What are you doing here? Asked bunny, " we came here to get you back to school" said mouse, "but I don't want to go to school, I want to stay home with my mommy" said bunny, "you know, this is exactly how we felt last week, but after a few days we found out how much fun school can be, "I guess I will give it a try," said bunny, "great, let's all get out of this place before its too late. . . they all agreed. And they ran out of the forest as fast as they could. "Oh no, we have to cross that dangerous street again," said mouse. "I have an idea, why don't you hop on my back, and I will run as fast as I can," said bunny, "just hold on very tight". Within minutes bunny and his two
little friends were back and safe and sound in their classroom. Everyone gathered around them and listened to their interesting adventure. The next day, everyone participated in making a huge collage at school; they all had a great time.
The following day they had a music class, bunny danced to the music and the two little mice sang a song. On Friday, the teacher took everyone on a trip to the zoo; they all had a great time. When it was time to go home bunny didn't want to
leave, he wanted to stay at school with his friends. When bunny came home from school he told his mom and dad he had a great week at school. . . mom and dad were very proud of their little one.

The End