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#2205. Character Education

other, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Apr 12 16:04:56 PDT 2001 by Kandi Permann (
Free Character Education Program
Edstar Learning Centre Ltd., Calgary, Canada
Materials Required: Internet access
Activity Time: 5-20 min. per day
Concepts Taught: Character Education

Here's one of many ideas available at - this one's a game/ object lesson on Responsibility.
Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere -- Get a large handful of buttons. One child passes all of the buttons to the next child. Continue passing buttons from child to child. If any buttons are dropped, do not pick the up. After the handful has been passed all around the room, see how many buttons are on the floor. Relate this to our responsibilities. If one person drops his or her responsibility, it affects the success of the entire group. Encourage children to do their very best, and pass the buttons again. See if there is any improvement.