Grade: all

#2207. The Hello Song

Social Studies, level: all
Posted Thu Apr 12 16:31:25 PDT 2001 by SANDY SCARBOROUGH (
Brennen Elementary, Columbia, SC
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: a couple of minutes
Concepts Taught: Ways to say Hello in other languages

As an opening activity each day in my old kindergarten class, we sang a "Hello" song to the tune of "Bingo". It goes, "I'm so glad that you are here, hello I say to you. H E L L O, H E L L O, H E L L O, Hello I say to you. I wrote the word Hello on a card and placed it on my calendar bulletin board. The next day, we sang the song, but substituted "Bonjour" for hello, and it was placed on a card on the front board. Next, we sang NI HAO (Chinese), next we sang Konnichiwa (Japanese), next was Guten Tag (German), next was Hola.(Spanish) Once we learned all of these ways to sing Hello, I chose a student each day to decide which way to sing Hello for the day. My kids loved this activity,and looked forward to leading the song each day!