Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#2208. Leyendo en español

Language, level: Senior
Posted Sun Apr 15 14:30:36 PDT 2001 by Amy Bennett (
Hampton High School, Hampton, TN 37658
Materials Required: Internet Access, Word Processing, Art Supplies
Activity Time: 7-10 class periods or as long as you want!
Concepts Taught: Reading Comprehension, Writing, Speaking in the Target Language

Leyendo en español

Students will access various sources of Spanish literature from the websites listed below and will complete the accompanying questions that will be printed out and given to them. Then in groups or 2 to 3, the students will brainstorm about similar themes that they can write about. They may choose to create either a children's story or a fairy tale in the target language. This book will be illustrated, either with original drawings, or with pictures created with clip art or photo editing programs. The students must also provide a list of new vocabulary included in their book to the entire class. On the last day of the project, the class will have a large story time circle in which each group will read their story to the class. Students may also choose to make their story into a play, movie, video-have fun with it! The class will vote on the most creative story and that group will be the new "Autores del Siglo" (Authors of the Century)

Websites or Reading lessons (Cenicienta--Cinderella) (La Princesa y el frijol--The Princess and the Pea)

Feel free to add any other site to this list that you would like. The first site on the above list gives several choices for the students and each one is written by a Spanish-Speaking child. The other two are Spanish Translations of the Fairy Tales listed. The last site listed is an online translator if the students get stuck on a word or phrase.