Grade: Elementary

#2214. Choose and Use

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH, USA
Materials Required: Container for each group, Cards with Dolch words on them, Small prizes
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Recognizing Dolch Words

Students will review the concepts of short and long vowel sounds through class discussion.
Students will demonstrate cooperation skills by working with a partner.
Students will learn the following 10 Dolch words by playing "Choose and Use": will, well, tell, still, small, all, call, better, little, off.
Students will apply the "double consonants make the vowel short" rule by reading the chosen Dolch words.
Students will practice their writing skills by writing sentences containing the chosen Dolch words.
Students will practice their oral reading skills by sharing a sentence with the class.

PREPARATION:Make a set of cards of the words (and pictures if you want) for set of partners.

Lead-in Activity -- Review long and short sounds of vowels. Introduce the rule that double consonants make the vowel say its short sound. Give some examples (tall, ball, fill). Tell the class that in order to learn some words that use this rule, we are going to play a game called "Choose and Use."
Step 1: Have the class split into groups of 2. Give each group a container (like a bucket or a hat) with a set of the ten words in it.
Step 2: In each individual group, have the students take turns picking a word out of the container. After a word is picked, the student must "read" the word to their partner. ("Choose" a word. . .)
Step 3: When all the words have been picked and read, the students should write a meaningful sentence for each word. ("Use" the words)
Step 4: Each person will share with the class one of their sentences.
Challenge (Extension) Activity:
Give a small prize (like candy) for sentences that use more than one word
Use these words as part of a spelling list for the week.
Students will engage in discussion on short and long sounds of vowels (teacher observation).
Teacher will observe cooperation skills and monitor correct pronunciation of words.
Students will write meaningful sentences using the chosen Dolch words.
Students will correctly read one of their sentences to the class.
Were all students successful and on-task?

What went well about the lesson?

What didn't go well?

What will I do differently next time?