Grade: Senior

#2217. Shoebox Speech

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
Posted Fri Apr 6 10:26:54 PDT 2001 by Cherie Shields (
Sandy High, Sandy, OR
Materials Required: Shoebox (or other small box), student items from home
Activity Time: 2-3 class periods
Concepts Taught: Public Speaking

Shoebox Speech

1. Students should brainstorm a list of ten items that mean a great deal to them. These can be items that represent something larger. For example: a car key can represent a car or a bike lock can represent riding bikes. Students can also bring items like caps or souvenirs that represent places they have visited. Examples: lockets, rings, souvenirs, collectibles, toys etc. Limit one photo per student and one postcard per studnet.
2. Explain what each item is or represents.
3. Come up with at least two supporting reasons why each item is important to you.
d. Write a 1-2 page outline to turn in after the presentation.
4. Students may either do the speech from memory. Or, they may use their outline.
5. Remind students not to bring any objects which are not allowed at school! Nothing sharp or pointed, no bullets, knives, fishhooks or other dangerous objects or substances. Also, remind them not to bring anything too expensive or priceless. Things like this have a way of breaking or getting lost.
6. Speech should be 5-10 minutes in length.
h. All 10 items (together) must fit in a standard sized shoebox. (Items may "stick out.")
7. If students don't have a shoebox, they may bring items in a small bag (plastic grocery sack) or other shoebox-sized container.