Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#2218. Name of things in Spanish

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Apr 17 21:43:03 PDT 2001 by Isabel Martin (
Harvest Preschool Academy, San Antonio TX
Materials Required: Old magazines, calendars, store catalogs, index cards, construction paper, glue and scissors.
Activity Time: As needed
Concepts Taught: Animals, fruits, vegetables and things

One of the difficult things to find is enough flashcards with all the things we want to teach.
I found that the easiest way is go through all magazines with pictures of all the differentthemes we are going to see through out the school year and cut them out, glue them to a construction paper and in the index cards write the names in Spanish and glue them on the back of the picture. To make them last I laminate them or cover them with contact paper.
As soon as the children start learning them, make them cut out certain objects and let them sort them by animals, vegetables, fruits or things. For those kids that all ready know how to write, let them try to write the name on the index cards and glue them on the construction paper, just like yours. This way they can take them home and practice with their families and friends.